Wyze sense / bridge range

I’m having a lot of issues with very low signal. I’m within 20 feet of the bridge. It’s the connector sensors I’m having issues with. It’s possible I have a lot of interference from something else but can’t pin point it. I’m open to any suggestions. I swapped out the bridge to a v2 cam… no change I’m about to reset the sensor by taking out the battery and starting over

The range will be good to know as to how I plan to set up mine

I think I will need another bridge. I experimented with different locations and ende up halfway between both sensors. In my situation I’m trying to detect the back basement door and the front garage door so I’m guessing going through walls and floors takes a toll on the range. I’m anxious to see if anything can be done to increase range or identify interference as the bridge is only 20 ft away from each sensor. I’m a little surprised I’m not getting better range. Any suggestions???

I am also having range issues my bridge on a pan cam in the center of my home between kitchen and family room, and motion sensor in front foyer and contact sensors on one garage door and back door from kitchen into the garage. The contact sensors are unreliable with that set up. When i move the camera/bridge closer to the garage, the contact sensors seem to be more reliable but the motion sensor in the foyer is not, and this is not the best location for the camera coverage. I must say this is quite disappointing. Yes, the price is nice,but if it wont work, it’s not worth anything.


I was able to fix the range issue by extending the antenna with a wire, works perfectly now.

This is around 20 feet away from the bridge with the house wall and the garage door in between


Can you post some detail in how you managed that please!

Just pop out the cover as if you want to change the battery, you’ll find a gold plated spring, attached a thin coated copper wire to it, then close the cap, I was able to close it keeping the extra wire hanging out from one of the corners without having to drill a hole for it. But if your wire is too thick you might want to drill an opening for it.

That’s it really nothing to complicated


So the wire is attached to the larger side of the sensor? What kind of wire did you use? Can you possibly give us a link to the type of wire you used, where you got it? I know I’m asking a lot, but I’m not too inclined towards these things and would really appreciate your help.

I guess a picture is better than 1000 words, that’s what the sensor looks like from the inside, any old phone or speaker wire will do, I just had that one laying around. Just make sure the striped part of the wire is touching the antenna (spring)


I noticed the tiny instruction manual specifically says they recommend to keep the bridge and sensor on the same floor so I ordered another bridge and set of sensors. I intend to have a separate bridge on each floor. I have cameras there anyway. I was afraid it was interference which it apparently is not… fortunately.

I’ll definitely try the extension wire tip and report back. Thanks for the tip!

Omar, thank you so much! So the wire is just stuck into the spring. No solder or glue or tape? This is pretty amazing. I am going to try it. Thanks again sir!

I can confirm that the wire extension made a difference… Thanks Omar! It added a bar to the signal strength.

Now I’m going to see if I have enough range to add another sensor to my outdoor shed.

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So I can report that yes indeed - after I futzed with this and attached a wire and ran it over to closer to the door from my garage into my kitchen - the bars went from one to three! However, that’s with my camera/bridge in the spot on the counter in the kitchen close to that door - and - not the spot I want the camera to be! Putting the camera back where I want it,my bars go to one or none which is reallly no better than it was before for that sensor. There is a fundamental flaw with the range on these sensors and the bridge. Very unfortunate indeed.

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How to check how many bars you have? Thanks


In the app, click on sensor then click on gear wheel icon in top right corner, then device info, in there you will see signal strength.


Thank you very much for the help.
I only got 1 bar at the location Where I want the sensor to be, no wonder it didn’t work well(it shows open when I open but when I close, it shows open still, and it’s only like 20 feet or less from the bridge). Wyze states it can be up to 75 feet but I guess it’s not.

Same problem,… Think I will install another bridge in a closer camera.

I think the 75’ claim must be line of sight with no obstructions.

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Yes, mine does the same thing, which I think is actually another flaw possibly of the app, not just the signal strength. I say this because it registers all the openings correctly, and not the closing. But if I open the door again, even though the app shows its open when it is not, it will record another door opened notification. So something could be awry with the app, even though I have notifications set to notify me of opens and closes.

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I really do not want to buy more cameras or bridges, even though their prices are so good. They should make the stuff work. I do not have an extremely large home and it’s an open floor plan line of sight from the camera/bridge to the door sensor from the kitchen to the garage, 30 feet and only one bar and unreliable reporting.

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Well, hopefully the folks at Wyze will address the issue in one of the forthcoming firmware updates or Software updates.

I am very happy with their products so far and have found their customer support to be prompt and on point.

But, as you’ve said, out of the box there are a few minor issues.