Wyze_sdk CamerasClient not working with WyzeCam OG

I have a WyzeCam OG and I’m trying to do basic controls using the wyze_sdk (turn on, turn off).

I can successfully invoke the Web Client (wyze_sdk.api.Client) class to do the following:

Login using email, password, API key
Generate access and refresh tokens

Get a list of my devices

Get my user profile

Get my user info

But when I try to use the cameras property, I get nothing.

I know that I am properly authenticated, since I can use the Web Client just fine. The problem is with the CamerasClient class (wyze_sdk.api.devices.cameras.CamerasClient). Any suggestions on how to get this working? I am using Python v3.8.10, wyze_sdk version 2.0, my WyzeCam OG is at the latest firmware.

Thank you!

The Wyze SDK is an unofficial client, but many community members here are experienced with it, so hopefully someone is able to help you.

Are you sure the Wyze cam OG is supported by the SDK?