Wyze Scale X battery life

I bought the Wyze Scale X (and Wyze Lock Bolt) on June 15. The batteries that were packed with the scale barely lasted a month from the day I unboxed the scale and installed them. And I don’t use the scale on a daily basis (it’s pointless, no?). My usage of the scale is something like in a week or once in a fortnight.
Wyze says the batteries should have “Up to 22 Months of Battery Life”!!

Is there something special that I did not do that made this happen - batteries not last 2 months?? @WyzeGwendolyn

PS: I have yet to unbox my Wyze Lock Bolt, but for those using it - how is the battery life?

Don’t have the X, but do have the S. It has lasted for many months on the batteries it included, and I assume the X is the same. Have you replaced the batteries and tried again? Could have been bad batteries included.

Can’t remember if the scale came with Duracell batteries or an off brand but, who knows how long the provided batteries have sat before making their way into a “batteries provided” device.

I have had the same batteries in my scale x since deployment in early June and have not been given a low battery notification, and I use my scale daily.

In regards to the Wyze Lock bolt, the batteries I have depleted from 100% to 97% since April.


My experience is identical to R.Goods so far.

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