Scale S Battery LIfe

Is anyone else having their Scale S chew through batteries? The batteries in the first Scale S I got lasted 2 weeks so I replaced them with new batteries. Those lasted a week. It seemed like that life was shorter than advertised so I contacted Wyze Support and after troubleshooting it, they sent me a replacement scale. The batteries in that scale lasted 2 weeks, and I got a replacement for that scale. Those batteries lasted a week so I got a replacement scale. Those batteries lasted less than a week. It seems like there must be a problem with my app or my usage but other than basic troubleshooting (make sure Wyze app is up to date, check firmware version, check location permissions, etc.) nothing has helped. It seems like sending out replacements is easier than more in-depth troubleshooting.

So 4 scales in a little over 2 months and the problem persists. Am I the only one having issues like this?

On top of that, the power adapter for my Wyze sprinkler controller just came apart when I was unplugging it, so Iā€™m getting a replacement unit. As least my old Cam Pan is still working.

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Yup. Mine started normal. Then reduced to 3 months, then one month, then one week roughly. Looking to get an adapter to plug into outlet and give up on batteries.