Wyze scale reads high for users until batteries pulled to reset, then problem returns

After working fine for 3-4 months, the Wyze scale one day just read 5 lbs high and 1% high in body fat. I cleaned the surface but problem remained. Checked batteries and they were good, but replaced them anyway. The scale read accurately immediately and for next few days. Then it read high again as before, I simply removed one battery and put it back in to reset the scale. It read accurately again.

If am going to have to reset the scale every day, this is going to be a major hassle. I chatted with support and sent log in but has anyone else experienced this?

My firmware and app version are up to date.

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I have the same issue,

If all the recommended methods for fixing it don’t work, you should report it. They might give you replacement.

Also, are you the only user? Or is there someone else in the household who might use it (even without the app) in between your session. I thought that might be causing a problem but cannot prove it.

Suddenly reads 100 LBS higher than actual. Found batteries at approx. 1.3 V. In use for less than 6 months. replaced batteries and reads correctly. I did not see any indication on the device that batteries were low. a warning would be nice.

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I have found the Wyze scale will flash the weight and then fail to measure body fat and then go blank. That is usually the sign of low battery. But sometimes the batteries still test okay on a battery meter.

I still have the more common problem where the Wyze scale is suddenly off 5-10 pounds. But if you open the battery compartment and take out a battery or two for a few seconds and then replace the same batteries right back in, that resets the scale and you get an accurate measurement. So before replacing the batteries just remove and return the same ones back and see what happens.