Wyze Scale - Wont Recognize Me After Vacation (and some vacation pounds...)

The scale doesn’t seem to recognize me after spending 2 weeks at my timeshare. I gained some weight (maybe 8 or 10 pounds) and now when I step on the scale it just flashes the weight, but doesn’t log it for me nor take my body measurements.

Is there a way to tell my scale that I ate too much and drank too much on vacation and to start logging my weight again so I can try and take this vacation weight off?

I have a different brand of scale but had a similar experience.
I was sick and lost 10 pounds in 5 days. My scale asked me to confirm it was me. :joy:
At least it asked. I guess WYZE won’t take your word for it.

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So I solved my own issue: To get my scale to recognize me again I went to Settings for the scale, Users, and then clicked on my user (which is the only one on the scale). Then I turned on “Only Measure with App Open” and then stepped on the scale.

After doing that the scale then asked me who I was and I click my profile and it worked.


Glad you had a good time @claystorm ! :pizza: :wine_glass:

Thanks! It was much needed.

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