Wyze Scale - Historical Trends for All Values

The existing trends for weight and body fat percentage are nice. Why not offer trends for all of the metrics? Allow them to be user selectable, if a user doesn’t care for a particular metric.


I would like to double down on this suggestion. As someone who recently reached his goal weight, the wyze scale came out just in time for me. I see that I have gained back a bit of weight, which is fine with me as long as I am gaining “good” weight back. I see that my body fat percentage hasn’t really gone up, so I think I am doing well, but a chart to show my increase/decrease in muscle mass would be awesome.

And if there is a way that you could overlay two (or more) different metrics on top of each other for a time frame, that would be really sweet, too. That way I could select weight, body fat %, and muscle mass and see how they all interact with each other over time. Or if we could export this data somehow and bring it into an excel spreadsheet. This would be awesome to see, but as long as we get graphs for all metrics that would still work for me.



+1 for this feature! I think @jonbrunkhorst is got the right idea with allowing the user to overlay graphs (though it gets difficult since many have different Y axis values and having the scaling ‘right’ might be tricky). Or at least allowing the user to select what is being shown on each graph at a minimum.
(is there a page of wishlist features we can vote on?)


Second for this! The ability to see graphs of all metrics would be very helpful.


Or just give us the ability to export the data in CSV form?


The value of the separate measurements would be greatly enhanced by the ability to historically graph them. A user selectable option to then choose which ones to overlay would be excellent.


+1 for this feature. Trend analysis is most of the reason I link to 3rd party apps. If you provide it in-app, this may eliminate the need for 3rd party support for me.


Would it be possible to plot all the body data fields instead of only weight and Body fat %?
The plots should also allow plots over the whole range of dates, on top of week, month and year.
As others have asked, it would be good to be able to export our data to a csv file.


This would be a great feature, as well as showing healthy ranges for each stat specific to the user’s gender.


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I definitely back this idea! At first I thought it did track it ongoing but after poking around I found it doesn’t. Of course this was a couple weeks after we started using it. If I had know I could have started keeping a record. It would be much easier to just look at the trend on the app. Downloading would be great too! I’ve cast my vote.

This would make the app even better! Huge fan of this suggestion.

I’m 100% in favor of this. The scale has 9 outputs, but it only graphs 2.
Why not graph all 9? I’d love an export feature too just like everyone else. I’m sure it’s a pretty easy update to make for the developers, and it would make the product even better. I hope one of them sees this!

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Agreed, I suggested this the first week I had the scale via email to Wyze customer support…

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If this has been asked and I missed it, feel free to merge, but I would like to see charts for every measurement not just weight and body fat. I also want more grainier details for such charts that I can adjust to different intervals so I can get a better idea of the data.

Thank you.


Merged it to this wishlist item for you.

As of right now, only weight and body fat have graphs, bit I would love to see graphs of more of the measurements like BMI, water, lean body mass, age, etc…I know a lot of these will not change drastically over the short term, but looking at graphs over months would be great to look back on…

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This topic has been moved from #early-access to the #wishlist. Voting is now open. For your vote to count, remember to click the VOTE button at the top.


I’m with you on this. There’s another post in the wishlist that suggested this too, and it’s gaining some momentum. You should head on over to @anthonynguyen post about this titled “Wyze Scale - Historical Trends for All Values”

Maybe if we get enough votes, the developers can add it.

Yes I love this idea as well. Would love to see all the measurements (not just the weight and body fat) included and tracked in Trends.

Also, would love to see in each measurement of being tracked, the difference between your other weigh ins versus your current weigh in. Like what it shows here in the pic image