Wyze Scale Firmware 1.1.4 Released - 9/10/20

Happy Thursday, folks!

Wyze Scale firmware 1.1.4 is starting a gradual roll out today! If you don’t see it this week, you should see it in the next two months. This version improves the algorithm and fixes some bugs.

Read our Release Notes here:


It has been 2.5 months and my scale has not yet updated. Is it still roiling out? I have checked the firmware update and nothing. I do not see anyway to manually initiate the update.


Same. Release notes say firmware 1.1.4 will be rolled out within 2 months. At 3+ months now. Any update? Thanks,

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The latest generation of cameras and any newly releasing devices that do include HomeKit will not be purchased by Apple devotees any longer.

WYZE should be spent FERVENTLY addressing the tens of millions of iOS device owners that are rapidly being offered HomeKit integration with competitively priced options like Anker/Eufy, Meross and others.

The early days of WYZE where we all were filled with so much excitement, hope, and readiness to purchase as we were ardently proselytizing of there away from the insanely overpriced Arlo and equivalent options are long past, and WYZE has not changed its weak position on developing cross platform integration.

Got the firmware update in January. After fixing the BMI issue by updating my height, I noticed that the scale only updates the app on my phone when I have my phone when standing on the scale. it used to update three or four days of data to the phone app when ever the phone “connected” to the scale. Now I can check my weight every day and there isn’t any weight data on my phone. Only when connecting to the scale with the phone app and then standing on the scale does a reading show up. Anyone else having this issue? Firmware is 1.1.4.
Also checked the “Only measure with the app Open” setting and it is not set on. Turned it on saved it, then Turned it off and saved it again to see if this fixes the issue.
Update. That worked. My scale updates the phone app history without being connected until later.

Go to settings, Users, click on user, then click on user on the next screen again, then click on the "only measure with app open. It brings up a diaglog box, click Yes. Says Saved Successfully. Do this again to turn it off. Also before leaving the screen click on EDIT at the top of the screen , then click on SAVE. This fixed the issue.