Wyze Scale Firmware 1.1.3 Released! - 8/11/20

Happy Tuesday, forum friends!

Wyze Scale version 1.1.3 is releasing today! This firmware improves the algorithm and has some bug fixes in it.

You can read our Release Notes here:


Gwyn. Any chance we can reopen the can of worms on the absolute FAILURES of " Person Detection"? recent 2020 FIRMWARE UPGRADES made problems much worse now, & reporting detection failures result in zero PD now. please advise, Thanks.

Sorry to hear this! Could you please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and give me the log number? I’ll send it to the team.

Thanks Gwen, how do i attach a log, from the events?

In the app go to Account (lower right) > Help & Feedback (towards the bottom, may have to scroll down) > Submit A Log (Scroll down, it is at the bottom)

Then when you get the log number post it here and @WyzeGwendolyn will look into it because Gwendolyn is awesome :grinning:


I swear I’m gonna send you a pack of cookies or something someday.

@SheWolf, did Jason’s instructions help? :slight_smile:


No because no instruction on how to generate a log. From existing reported events? I have reported hundreds of incorrect event’s that should have been PERSON

The log should be generated when you click on the submit a log

yeah, so then what? got wyze email confirming log submission, but WHO reviews it, and why can’t i see what content was submitted along with that “log”? thank y’all!

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The log will be reviewed by WYZE, I cannot answer what is included in the log as I do not know. If you post your log number here I can get @WyzeGwendolyn to follow up with it and see if it can get resolved.

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The logs are sent directly to the development team and do not receive responses. I actually don’t have access to them but I can send log numbers to the team so they can be easily surfaced.

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Greetings, since updating the scale to this firmware version, my shared user is unable to have her weight updated in the app. For me it works fine. When she gets on the scale, only the weight is shown, with no three dashes. Then when she opens the app → Wyze Scale, it shows connected, but doesn’t update.

Almost like it doesn’t recognize her. Any ideas? Should I reset her and how do I do that.

Thank you for your assistance.

Since I fixed the issue myself, I thought I would put that here incase someone else experiences it in the future.

While troubleshooting this, I noticed the the app would update all measurements only when the app was open and the person was on the scale. When looking at the user settings, the “Only Measure with App Open” was turned off.

I found that toggling this on, saving, exiting the app. Then coming back, and turning the setting off, then allowed the issue to be resolved and they can now weight themselves anytime and then the weight and measurements would sync when connected next time.

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Thanks for letting us know! Any chance you sent in a log through Account > Help & Feedback? I’d love to get that to the devs.

@WyzeGwendolyn sorry for the delay and yes I submitted the logs. Log ID: 37350


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No worries! I apologize for my delay! Is the issue still happening?

After doing the steps I did above, I have not had anymore problems. All good here. Thanks!

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@kevingates74 After Scale firmware update to v1.1.3, I cannot locate the user setting “Only Measure with App Open” you mention above. @WyzeGwendolyn can you help me?

Here is where I see it on my app.

Wyze Scale → Scale Settings (top right icon) → Users → Select User → Bottom toggle “Only Measure with App Open”

Hope that helps.