Wyze Scale Firmware 1.1.2 Released! - 7/8/20

Hi, forum folks!

Wyze Scale has a small update today! Version 1.1.2 increases the age range for body composition metrics and improves the algorithm.

If you would like to read our Release Notes, please follow this link!


I :heart: my Wyze Scale!


Thanks for the update! My scale does seem very inaccurate this morning after updating the firmware. I tried 2 times and the reading was different. Also my other scale said 4 pounds differently from the Wyze Scale. I have a ticket number: 24596

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I am not having issues where the scale is off by over a pound when getting off and back on the scale with in seconds. Both up and down by up to 2.3 lbs.

I’ll update scale today. Thanks!

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@jls4wheeler, I’ll send that to the team! Thanks for submitting a log.

@dwl, could you please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and post the log number? I’d like to send that data to the team.

Sorry for the trouble, folks!


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You’re welcome! Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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24785, the issue was this morning when my wife was using the scale.

This update broke my body comp reading and HR, worked with support and currently sending logs in.

@dwl, thanks for the log!

@rswilson1844, sorry to hear about that. Thanks for contacting the support team!

Thanks for letting us know, we are checking your log. We can provide a replacement if needed.

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@dwl Thanks for submitting the logs, we are working on this, we can provide a replacement if needed.

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@rswilson1844 Thanks for contacting support team, can you please let us know the ticket number? We will check your log and figure it out.

Support Case: Wyze Ticket 672086
The number from the app after upload: Case number: 24942

Let me know you got the appropriate log or if you need anything else, I really would like the body comp and HR back.
Also it would be great if we could revert back to the previous firmware.

Thank You

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If that’s the best way to solve the issue that would be great. Let me know what I need to do next.

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Thanks @rswilson1844, we will check and get back you.

Thank You. If we can’t go back in firmware any chance of swapping scales to get it working again?

Hi @rswilson1844, we will fix the issue, otherwise will provide a replacement. Thanks!

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