Wyze Scale S Firmware 1.0.107 Released - 4/6/22

Hello, Forum Friends!

We’re releasing Wyze Scale S firmware 1.0.107 to resolve Bluetooth connection conflicts on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, fix a bug that caused false Bluetooth connections and led to high battery consumption, and change an error code.

Read our Release Notes:


Updated the Scale-S but then weight changed to Kg and could not change options. Cleared cache, log-out/in but no change. Ended up deleting the scale and installing again. App reported I’d be added as a second user so reset the scale (button 5-seconds) to become primary again. Said it would delete my history but it didn’t. Everything is back and Scale working great again.


Golly, that was a journey! I’ll flag this for the team. Thank you!


Alright, could you please send in a log with the date/time/time zone of when you did the update and things started going weird and this detailed description of issues? We want to take a look! :slightly_smiling_face:


Updated Scale S firmware x2 with no issues. No Pixel phones to test fixes though.


Per your request, log file # 532787. About 5:00 PM Pacific 2022 April 06.


Thanks, dr.know! :clinking_glasses:

scale has been doing a single dash circle animation for more than a few minutes now. app itself just shows 1.34% installing. prior to that, the app install % was wildly jumping to randomly values until it stopped on 1.34%.

That happened to me 1st try. Eventually times out and can try again. Worked for me on secnod try. I’m guessing the phone must remain in bluetooth range.

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hmm, turns out i needed to reboot my phone or just the bluetooth needing to be turned off and on for it to get in a better state even though all my existing bluetooth connections were working fine. after rebooting the phone, and taking batteries out of the scale to get it out of the circle animation loop, the update ran fine.

Yes, I’d have to toggle bluetooth for the watch sometimes. This update has Resolved Bluetooth connections, should help. :slightly_smiling_face: