Wyze Scale does not turn on

My Wyze scale model WHSCL1 is not turning on. I replaced the batteries 3 times.
When I put the 4th battery, it shows display. Once I close the battery cover and put the scale on ground and stand on it, there is no display.

Please advise.

I have one, but I’m not near it at the moment. I can’t remember if it has a reset button but you could try that, maybe even holding it in for a while.

I do know that sometimes rechargeable batteries don’t give enough volts, so if you’re using rechargeables, try switching to Alkaline.

If I was having this issue I might consider deleting the device from the app and going through setup again…but just in case that removes all your data, you might want to try to back it up first.

It might be best to contact support and see if they have standard troubleshooting steps that have resolved this for other people.