Wyze room sensor for motion sensor

Can you use the “Room Sensor” for security motion sensor purpose? Since it has somewhat of a “motion sensing”…

No. There are no notifications or rules or anything that can be used with it. The only thing the room sensor can do with the motion sensor piece is to tell the thermometer to use it toward the temp calculations since a person is in the room.

Definitely a missed opportunity. I would’ve bought tons of these if they actually doubled as a motion sensor (with rules and notifications, etc) and as a thermometer, but that is not the case. The motion sensor has one purpose only.


Man… this sucks.

Motion sense notification is not a concern for me. For me… I would use a camera for motion sense anyway… (and if needed to keep privacy… put camera a foot level across a doorway to only see “feet” in motion.

But suspect (can someone confirm) … I guess I cannot write rules off of sensor… to trigger a Wyze plug action on or off … at a certain high or low temp. Is this a correct … desired, but not possible aspect.

BTW… my use case … is like a Wyze plug to turn on/off a heat panel for discrete room for my wife crafting/sewing… or same for our bedroom… where we currently use simple time of day rules… whereas I would really be jazzed if I could use these sensors just for that and know … motion event (wife has not been in the craft/sewing room sometime period of time … like say X minutes… then turn off)… and overlay those with … temperature is low… and only turn on if wife has been in room in the past 15 mins … aka, 15 mins of motion. But clearly turn off anytime if temp is above a certain point.

PS. I still agree with the first post here… does not make sense from a kewl innovative company like Wyze to not at least do “notification” of the sensor. As my use case is a bit more complex.

Yeah, sorry, these Room Temperature sensors won’t allow any motion detection rules like that. You would have to set up a rule based on one of the dedicated Motion sensors that connect to the HMS hub, or you could put a camera in the room and have it turn on a plug when it detects motion or a person in the room.

Thanks for confirming. One less sale to me as well.