Wyze Robot Vacuum - Turn off status LEDs after a couple minutes

Highly suggest that the two LEDs on the vacuum turn off after a couple of minutes of the robot being docked to the charger. The LEDs are bright at night and are generally unnecessary. Perhaps pressing a button on the robot should wake those lights, but to me I don’t see value of those lights staying on persistently.


You have my vote! It doesn’t seem necessary for those lights to stay on forever after fully charging.


Yes, the lights are too bright for those of us who like a dark room to sleep in.

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Agreed. My wife just complained that our 2nd Wyze Vac lights are too bright. Shouldn’t this be an easy fix for Wyze?

We have two Robot Vacuums, and the one we use upstairs has to be plugged in in our bedroom, due to the layout of our space. Both the charging status lights on the vacuum itself and the really bright blue light on the base station are way too bright for sleeping in a darkened room.

We’ve taken to putting a towel over the vacuum, which works fine, but then I have to remember to remove it before we use it. I’d much prefer the ability to tell the app to disable the lights between certain hours of the day.

Same issue. The LEDs are too bright at night. If the lights would stay on during the day but off at night, that would work for us too.

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Along with the ability to lower voice prompts, it would be very helpful to dim the lights of the WRC dock and WRC itself. They are both very bright (particularly the blue dock/charge light) in a dark room and I’m trying to avoid masking the lights directly.

Related question: Will masking off the blue dock light actually affect the robot docking procedure at all?

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Yes please. Vacuum charges in our bedroom.

The locating IR LED is between the charging bars…

I’ve had docking issues despite being on a flat surface because there was reflective surfaces in front of it.

As far as the status lights… better make it a setting. A black vacuum in a dark area, the lights make it more noticeable to help prevent someone from stepping on it.