Robot Vacuum stuck on Blinking White Lights

The other day my Robot Vacuum said there was an update, like normal I just clicked yes and went about my day. The next morning I find it says it is still offline and glowing/pulsing yellow.

I tried to reconnect it to the WiFi, I tried holding down the home button for about 20 seconds. Finally I held down the power button and all lights went off. Hit the power button again and it turned on with pulsing white lights. Still could not see it from the app or set it up new.
Holding down any buttons did nothing.
For a short time it pulsed red. But it is currently still pulsing white.
I left it off charge for a day hoping that would kill the battery, which it did put it back on charge and still no luck.

Any suggestions? I have a ticket in with Wyze

Try rebooting your router then power cycling the Wyze Robot Vacuum.

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Iā€™m having the same issues here after trying to update recently.