Wyze robot vacuum - map editing & additional enhancements

I believe as of now it is only available for those who opted in for the beta releases.

I am on android with firmware version 1.6.75 and don’t have it yet.

On a related note, can you save multiple maps yet ?
That will help us to segment the floor plans as we want.

It’s like still rolling out. Hit mine 2 days ago and a friend of mine yesterday.

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Makes sense and is possible… still good to know it’s coming… they are listening. :slight_smile:

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These are great suggestions and I will be digesting the entirety of this thread soon. I would also put in a vote for simply adjusting the camera sensitivity around edges. A lot of debris piles up along walls and edges of furniture but this little guy often gives these objects too wide a berth and thus leaves a lot of stuff there.

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And of course if map editing is imminent that will solve most of my issues I believe.

My vacuum always hugs the edges very closely and sweeps right up to the edge as it makes its initial pass around the room.

I just got my Vacuum yesterday and did the initial clean without too many issues. However it keeps getting stuck under my couch and now I have added virtual walls and some of the stay but a few keep disappearing. Is there a limit on number of virtual walls? I agree with everyone else on here better map editing would be amazing.

I concur with the points made. I am VERY happy with our vac, BUT… Having only had the vac for a few days, there are very obvious needs for at least being able to change the room identification. I have a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. The map shows 12 rooms? And, the map combined kitchen, dining, lounge and entry hall into one (room 7)!!! Bedroom 2 has 2 rooms and the master with bath and dressing spaces, not rooms, has 4!!!

Just Sayin!! Thanks, Rodney.

I agree. With an open floor plan the mapping did not come up with a list of rooms that would allow me to run the vacuum more frequently on a smaller footprint than the whole first floor.

In addition, I would like to see support for supplemental maps. In my case, I would like to have it vacuum my basement area. I understand that I would have to carry the vacuum downstairs and that it would not be able to access the charger on the basement level. I can live with those minor restrictions.

Thanks for the tip about not touching it during recharge to resume cleaning job. I was wondering why it didn’t finish the job after charging. I was surprised to see it erase all of the progress on the map and start over. In between cleans, I had done the same thing (clean out the bin) but also turned over to clean the brush. Oh well, hope that works next time.

My master bedroom is showing up as 3 rooms and 1 of those “rooms” includes a hallway that’s not actually in the room. It recently attempted to clean room 2 (my master bedroom) on its own after only scheduling it to clean room 1 (another issue in and of itself - cleaning more rooms than it’s supposed to when scheduled) and my bedroom door was closed so the map deleted 2 rooms and chopped another in half (removed my bathroom, master and half of my room connected to the hallway). A manual scan room/edit room option might help with this. I know I can reset the map and start over but that’s a huge PITA.

Hi There, this problem is largely a failure of the user guide! If they explained the use and programming of exclusion zones you would not have to have closed the door in the first place!

The room number issue is universal and needs to be addressed on an urgent basis in my opinion as does partial mapping and app storage of the map, but I digress. I absolutely love the mechanics and cleaning ability of the vac and am hopeful Wyze will come through as they have done with previous products.

Cheers, and keep learning!

I really hope I get map editing soon, as @ncalla has reported has gotten it. My ability to effectively use the robotic vacuum is seriously compromised without being able to properly define rooms. Doing my whole house takes something like three hours, and essentially without control of which rooms it does when I can’t manage my household and it’s inhabitants such that there is peaceful coexistence with our robotic friend. Are you on a beta version @ncalla, is that why you have it and I don’t?

Yes I am and funny enough I have two of them now and one has the map editing ability the other does not. Lol… I like the feature on the vac that has it however I have super shedding dogs so as long as I let it run the entire main floor daily it seems to keep up well. Then again I have a large room that is down one step that it doesn’t cover as multi level support isn’t available but it gets most of it so I’m good right now.

I switched to the Beta version… and unfortunately, I did not get the edit map option. It is interesting that with your two vacs, one has edit rooms and the other does not. Apparently it is real hit and miss with who gets edit room and who doesn’t!

I thought so as well. I did install them about 2 weeks apart, the 2nd one just this past weekend. So perhaps it’s rolling to beta users and may roll to the other one soon.

Had the Vacuum for a couple of weeks and overall pretty impressed. My main struggle is map editing. I got the beta app with the room splitting/joining/renaming, but keep running into the fact that it doesn’t really update the map. It would work perfectly if the first time when generating the map I move all furniture away from walls and allow it to do a complete outline of everything that’s possible. If you don’t do this, and lets say move a couch where it had mapped it as a solid wall, you’d need to re-map the whole thing.

Now obviously it would be even easier from a user perspective for it to just be updating the map on the fly as it discovers something new, and it sort of does that, but not really. for example when i did the mapping i had my walk-in closet door closed, so it didn’t know there was a place it can go. I then opened the door and tried to clean the room, and i can see that it now saw an open space, and even went a few inches past where the door was, but then turned around and avoided the newly discovered space. That space then didn’t get added to the saved map, and i basically can’t have the vacuum go in there unless i redo the map.

I’m sure these auto-updating features are coming, but I wonder if there is something we can have ahead of time. I’m sure for the purpose of development you had a map editor where you can tweak the map that the robot has, and wondering if there is any way you can polish that and make it available at least in the browser (making it work inside the app is probably overkill).

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Mine worked pretty well. I have a Neato Botvac D7 on my upper floor and I can compare.

I just have issues with Maps. The Room detection is TERRIBLE. My entire floor is considered “Room 1” and “Room 2” is half my kitchen. This needs to be fixed else I cannot use it to clean specific rooms.

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Absolutely the best post ever. Exactly what I was coming on to inquire about. And @bryanjrobbins almost an exact description of what happened at my house. Was wondering if I could leverage a strategy of picking up and relocating the vac and stopping the mapping process to trigger a different break point for the rooms?

I just got my new robot vacuum working and love it mostly. The initial mapping was thorough; however, the division into separate rooms is less than ideal which make an editing capability very desirable. Can you reset to factory settings and then remap with hopefully better results?