Wyze robot vacuum basically useless after latest update

Was there a recent update to the robot vacuum? Some days ago, I was looking at the map when all of a sudden it disappeared. The robot suddenly left the room it was cleaning to clean the entire house. It just did it again. WHAT IS GOING ON?

It is a pain to stack things off the floor to get a thorough clean. Now I have to do it because the app needs to REMAP AGAIN. It just ran out of power and the app is telling me to press NEXT to save the two rooms it just cleaned.

My feeling is that the Internet of Things (IoT) aspect of this IS the problem. It feels like instead of saving the map inside the robot, it’s sending the map onto a server and gets corrupted. If I’m wrong please tell me. Also, how can I save the map so that I can call it up again when the app decides to erase it. PLEASE.

I am just going to provide an update on my issue. I am still on 202, but I have since deleted the map, removed the device from my account, re-added it to my account, re-mapped the house, and it has been working flawlessly for months.

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After update this vacuum just stops in the kitchen. Same spot everytime. Battery is on 57 percent.
Has to be a software issue. I ran a factory reset 2 days ago, re added and it ran the entire path without issue. The next day, it was back to stopping in the kitchen same spot. You cant turn it back on. It acts like its dead but once you bring it back to the base 57 percent and works fine.

Has there been any update to the bricked WRV issues? My vacuum has been useless for months now.

Update: My previous “fix” was just temporary. It does the same thing again. I reached out to support and this was their response:

"It is not that we don’t want to help, however, we don’t have a solution for this right now. This behavior is currently being monitored so were collecting as much data as possible for our Product team to scrutinize and find a fix for patching. Rest assured that they will make every effort to identify the root cause and provide the best possible solution.

What I can do for now is I will be submitting your feedback to the team, and all the necessary information that you have provided us since the beginning. This information will definitely reach its destination.

We cannot find an immediate solution to this issue and this is out of my hands already.

Once again, we apologize for any frustration or disappointment caused by this situation. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your continued support."

This vacuum is going right to the garbage can where it belongs.

So basically they are not going to do anything after they basically half bricked it.

You shouldn’t do any kind of new update, it makes the robot navigation spamy.

Not my problem anymore, I have my robot to Goodwill. I am looking at other brands. Been unhappy with many of my Wyze products lately. Camera have always been good but seem buggy now.

Every internet-connected Wyze product is a piece of steaming trash. Their scale and floor lamp are okay. Cameras, vacuum, switches - I’ve had unsolvable problems with all of them.

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The App is a piece of crap. It is stuck in insisting any Wi-Fi available is 5G. No matter what. They need real App developers. Not people that do not care about the customers. It is annoying to see how many complain about connectivity issues. And I came to the conclusion the App is the culprit. Get serious and fix it once and for all. Or upgrade the firmware to allow 5G connection. Will anyone hear?