Wyze Robot Vacuum - Alexa Voice Control is coming!

How can I get an invite? I filled out the form on the first day but have not heard back. This is something I would REALLY like to take part in.

Agreed, really want to participate as well. Hoping to be selected

I have the same problem. I have literally wasted this day working with the vacuum. So frustrating to not be able to divide rooms due to interior walls. I have the latest update. Alexa will not do me any good if I can’t even define the rooms I want.

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I know right? Let’s add extra integrations when we can’t even get the basic functions down. Crazy they’d go after this before getting such essential functions sorted.

Hey hey! That’s the other outstanding issue I have too. Giving up on that one.

Hey does anyone know how this is going and when we might see the feature rolled out? I’m a beta app user and when I go to run my vacuum I see the feature in the options but I obviously wasn’t a part of the beta testers so it’s just a big tease every time. :slight_smile: Really looking forward to getting this skill enabled.