Wyze products on Home Assistant via Virtual Machine

My home automation is built around Home Assistant and I decided to give the Wyze starter kit a go given integration with Home Assistant is possible.

I’m running Home Assistant on VirtualBox running on a Fedora host. For whatever reason I can’t see the receiver - followed the installation instructions and didn’t get any error messages along the way. However the LED of the receiver stays amber and doesn’t go blue.

Anyone else successfully runs Wyze products on a virtual machine? I won’t invest in any more sensors unless this is sorted although I’m positive I’ll get this to work.

I don’t know. Do other USB devices work well with your same VM?

It would be a shame if the bridge was bad… and your virtual system is actually working.

Maybe try the bridge in a Camera V2 to make sure it is working.
There are so many bridges that are turning out to be not working new out of the box.


I found the issue. Turns out I used the wrong device ID. It was at /dev/hidraw0 as opposed to /dev/hidraw2 I used. I checked the devices on the host system (with the Wyze receiver plugged in) and it showed 3 devices - the receiver at ‘hidraw2’.

But from within the virtual machine I have only passed the receiver (and not the other two USB devices) and so it appears as ‘hidraw0’. To find out the port I simply checked the virtual machine (VirtualBox) console when I plugged in the Wyze receiver.

At least that’s working now.


Thanks for the update. It will save the next person from a similar dilemma.

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