WYZE Products and Google Nest Wi-Fi

Is anyone in this forum using a Google Nest Wi-Fi network with their WYZE products? I’m asking because I was thinking about buying their 2nd generation router, but I’m concerned about whether or not the Nest wi-fi broadcasts two separate SSIDs (one for 2.4G and the other for 5G) or if it broadcasts a single “hybrid” SSID with both bands. If the latter, my concern is whether or not the WYZE products are smart enough to detect a 2.4G signal within the hybrid band. If the former, then it should be a non-issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to spend the money only to find out that it’s not going to work. Thank you in advance.


One SSID for both bands and Wyze does pick up the 2.4GHz band. But… keep in mind that unlike the 1st Gen Google Mesh WiFi where all pucks are router/point combos with 2 Ethernet ports each, only the Google Nest WiFi router has a spare Ethernet port, the Nest Points are WiFi only. If you want to tie into existing Ethernet in your house or run a WCO base, you’re limited to 2 options: Collocate Nest router with Ethernet switch/WCO/whatever and run cables or purchase the Nest multi-router bundle instead of the Nest router/points bundle(s).

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Hey! I use the first gen Google Wifi router, that broadcasts the hybrid signal. I had some difficulty setting up Wyze stuff because of it only looking like it was broadcasting a 5ghz network, but I found a way around it.
I set up my phone’s hotspot to use my wifi’s SSID and use the same password, and told it to only do a 2.4ghz network. I then unplugged my router, and used a separate device (tablet, old phone, etc.) to connect the Wyze product to my hotspot. After it was connected, I was able to turn off my hotspot and plug my router back in with everything working as expected. I’ve done this with two Wyze Cams v2 and the Wyze Lock.

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@Seapup, thanks for the reply. I’m planning on getting the multi-router bundle. I also have a small Cisco desktop switch which I only need for one of the routers. So, the WYZE bulbs and the WYZE plugs SHOULD not have any issues sensing a 2.4G signal in the hybrid band? The other solution I’m looking at is the Netgear Orbi, which I think should have separate bands.