Wyze pro V3 - Time Lapse setings - need help

I have buy one more camera, a Wyze Cam Pro V3.
My previous Time Lapse have not been successful, so I want help.
Use 256 Gb Micro SD card.

Recording a plant from seed and to plant, which takes place over 3 weeks.
The recordings are indoors on a windowsill.
I only have one seed of this unique plant, so first try must be a succes…

How should my settings be, interval of images, light and other parameters?

It’s going to take a while so you’ll want a large interval. I would also recommend doing several back to back to back timelapses over time to insure a power outage or glitch in the matrix doesn’t tank your 3 week time-lapse 2 weeks in or something. If your going to be checking the seedling every few days (or just remember to restart the time-lapse) I’d say do a 3 or 4 day time lapse, or up to a week to be brave. Test the card in the camera with a few timelapses to make sure you know how it operates and the card works.

So the v3 saves a time-lapse that’s 30 frames a second. So if your interval is say one frame every ten minutes, and set for one day (24hiurs), your video from that day would be 4.8 seconds long (24 hours x 60 minutes in an hour / 10 minute interval / 30 frames per second = 4.8 seconds).

Increasing your interval will make slow movement faster (plant growing).
Increasing your start and end time will make the video longer.

The recordings will go 24/7 so it doesn’t cut out darkness (night).

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