Wyze Cam time-lapse video of cilantro plants growing for 2 months - from seedlings through three harvests

I thought this might be of interest to the Wyze community. The time-lapse footage begins at about 2:14 into the video.


This is a pretty cool use of the camera… I kinda want Cilantro now too…

Thanks Urbnized.

You’re making me hungry! I love cilantro.

Thanks for watching Jim.

Thanks for sharing, creative use of the camera and a tasty subject!

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Thank you for watching - and for the positive feedback.

Nice !
What are the values used for time lapse ?

Thanks for watching and I’m glad you liked it. I took frames once every 5 minutes except during the ‘harvests’; for those I dropped down to a frame every 5 seconds.
In the video editing software I also adjusted the playback rate. I displayed the playback rate (actual time passed in hours per video playback time in seconds) as text in the video whenever I made a change to that playback rate.


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