Hydroponics Time Lapse 🪴

Hey there! I jumped on the Wyze wagon right after the holidays because I viewed a YouTube video featuring a Wyzecam v3 hydroponics time lapse. I’m an indoor gardener with 9 Aerogarden units and I’ve been wanting to try a time lapse for a while! I did an initial test of a week-long time lapse with my month-old cucumber plants and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. It’s about two minutes long and my happy plants seem to like the music. :slight_smile: I’m excited to try a longer tine lapse soon and I’m already scheming on how to place a few more cameras on my gardens (including a unit with radishes because they grow crazy fast).
Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it!

:arrow_forward: Cucumber Time Lapse Video 010822 - YouTube


Awesome! That was a cool video, please share when you get more Timelapse’s!

And let us know how the cucumbers taste


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Awesome video! I love to see the phototropic response plants exhibit. The guy in the lower right was really leaning into it! The capture of the tendril growth seeking an anchor support was phenominal! ITS AN ALIEN! :alien:

I started feeling sorry for the sad little guy on the far right. He seemed depressed :pensive: and didn’t show much enthusiasm.

Keep them coming!


I was born and raised in the city. My father in law was born in the country and used to work the fields when the crops came in, rather than going to school.
Went with him to the grocery store. He said he needed a few cucumbers. I grabbed what I thought were cucumbers. He said “those are zucchini, city boy”.


That I so cool! I love time lapse videos. Love how you can see the leaves moving and it grasping for something to hold onto. I’d like to do that sometime.