Time lapse help 4 rookie

So ive never done a time lapse video recording so I’m hoping you folks can share tips on how to do it best.

Im thinkng for the time being it will be a time lapse of the weather changing outside from fall to snow covered winter.

Help a guy out. Thx!

I found this on the Wyze Support pages via a search for time lapse. :slight_smile:

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You may have to make several videos.
It seems the time lapse (at least on Beta) is limited to about a month, even if you only schedule 1 shot every 59 hours, I don’t have a production version available.

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I acutally have a month long lapse working currently to try and capture the local leaf change. I figured 1 frame every 10 minutes between 7am and 7pm…it should be fairly interesting I hope.

@Walleyeye as @gemniii stated , time lapse are limited to about a month at a time, for doing something longer than that or something that would take up more memory space then is available on a 32GB card, you would have to record for the time you could. either max time limit (1 month, or max card memory), then download that timelapse, start a new lapse with the same settings and repeat that process for the entire time frame you want to capture, then combine all the timelapse with a video editor on a pc. as long s you keep the same frame rate settings in the time lapse, and don’t move the view of the camera, it should come off pretty seemless doing it that way.