Wyze Plugs Won't Connect to Google Home

I have 4 plugs on the Wyze App as well as 1 outdoor plug. All 5 devices are recognized by the Google Home app, however, only the outdoor are actually linked. The other 4 plugs are shown as “Not Responding” and “Offline”. All of the firmware for the devices have been updated. I have unlinked and re-linked the Wyze app to the Google Home app. I have restarted my phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the Wyze app and the Google Home app. I have run out of options.

I would like to mention that this worked until I removed all of the plugs and reinstalled them in the Wyze app because it would not allow me to edit rules for the devices. Now I can edit the rules but cannot connect with Google Home.

This is getting very frustrating because now I have to use my phone every time to manually override my rules.