Wyze Outdoor Plug - only one socket works

I have the Wyze outdoor Plug and am running App version 2.27.33 with multiple problems/comments on the installation.

  1. The delete device option does not work when trying to delete the Outdoor Plug (it continues to show on the App screen).
  2. I added the app anyhow and it got to the Connecting screen, the blue light went solid but the Connecting Screen continued with no change for 10+ minutes before I hit Cancel.
  3. Socket#1 works but there is no option for socket#2.

This has taken me a lot of time to get to this point after a series of non-communication messages. I am not sure how I got to this (half working) state as I have trying these same steps many times last week.

I am experiencing the same issue. Only 1 plug shows up on my account and I can only control it from the home screen. The name of the plug is just a jumble of letters. If I click on the plug I get a spinning loading circle and I have to force quit the app to be able to go back to the home screen.