Can't delete Outdoor Plug from app

As things were coming online following the AWS outage yesterday, I was still having trouble with my Outdoor Plug so did a hard reset. The problem that I’m now facing is that the device in the app is giving me an error (saying wifi signal is too weak, although it’s located right next to my router). In the WYZE release app, I get spinning circles and can’t do anything (delete the device to reinstall it… simply reinstalling it doesn’t work either) if I try to hit the settings on the Outdoor Plug. It does seem to let me turn on/off one plug from the home screen, but I can’t even see the 2nd one. I tried downloading the beta app to see if that would let me delete the device from the app. In the beta app, I can actually get to the option to delete the device, but it won’t let me do it. I still get the “weak wifi signal” warning, although I’m showing 3 bars of signal strength. Seems to be a bug. If I could somehow delete the device, I’m thinking I should be able to reinstall it, but am hitting a wall. Any suggestions welcome.

Power cycle your router,sign out of app then back in

I don’t think things are completely back to normal for everyone yet, I know I still have a couple items down. I’d refrain from doing too much until later in the day at least.

Having the same exact issue. Cannot delete/add my outdoor plug.

I’m having a similar issue. Yesterday (during the AWS outage), I removed an Outdoor Plug from the Wyze app. Now, I’m trying to add it back and everything seems fine (enter network credentials, set name of plug)., but then the plug never appears in the Device List in the app.

I have a 2nd Outdoor plug that I didn’t disconnect yesterday. As a test, I removed this plug from the app, and was able to add it back. The only weird thing with this other plug is that the Device List in the app doesn’t show the name I entered; instead it shows a bunch of numbers, which I assume is a serial #.

Same issue. Lost connectivity during the outage on three plugs, my only Wyze devices. I was able to eventually hard reset the indoor plugs (2) but I cannot reset the outdoor plug. Can’t delete it from my devices, and if I try to go to the settings the application freezes while loading then crashes upon reopening the tab. The Home Screen shows Outlet 1 but not Outlet 2. I’ve reset my router, reset the plug, redownloaded the app, nothing works.

Same issue here. Everything seemed to have returned to normal except my outdoor plug. The Home Screen shows Outlet 1 but not Outlet 2, but I can’t click into the outlet to delete it from my account.

The most recent app update has still not resolved this issue. I still cannot delete my outdoor plug and I still am only seeing plug 1 of 2.

2 weeks ago I hooked up the Outdoor Plug…What a POS…The scheduler does not work (and I updated the App). Just ordering Ring Outdoor Smart Plug and will report back.