Wyze plugs stay offline after Internet outage is restored

Bought a bunch of plugs on clearance from home Depot a while ago, only got around to using them recently. There was a couple times our Comcast internet went out, and when it was restored , both of my plugs stayed offline and I had to manually unplug them and plug them back in to get them to come online. None of my other Smart Life/Tuya plugs have ever had this issue , they immediately restore connectivity once the internet is back up. Is this a known issue with the wyze plugs?

I am assuming you are talking about the interior plugs (the one outlet white ones)?
If so, make sure your firmware is at One of the previous versions had a memory leak that was fixed in a later firmware.

Yes both are on that firmware version. Does this “memory leak” have anything to do with the issue I’m having?

No, that is the firmware I am on, and they all four seemed to have recovered from the Wyze outage on the 15th OK. I have not had a Xfinity outage in a while though (which is good).
The memory leak firmware version was a while back, and they would just start blinking and you had to unplug them and plug them back in to reset them.

If after resetting them it happens again, I would call support about it.
Plugs that don’t work right could be a serious problem if they are plugged into mission critical devices. They may ask you to produce a wyze log from the app (they will provide instructions if they ask for a log, and it is pretty easy).
Good luck!

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You nailed it. (Don’t tell anyone, but) there’s many of us that love Wyze products, but we don’t bother with the Wyze plugs. As you already know, there’s others that offer more features, and work without issue.

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Happened again yesterday. Comcast went down for 45 minutes, both plugs stayed offline until I physically unplugged them and plugged back in. Disappointing. Can’t count on these for anything important. Was using one of them to power cycle one of my Wyze cams once a week.