Wyze Plugs Have Disappeared

I have around 5 Wyze plugs and they have disappeared from my Echo. Alexa just says I have to enable the skill, but the skill is completely gone from my Echo app. The Wyze app doesn’t see them either. Everything just disappeared. I can’t even add them back to the Wyze app. All I get is a text search option which isn’t going to help anything.

What’s the deal? Any ideas?


I would search for the wyze skill again in the Alexa app. It’s possible Amazon was having an issue. The equipment won’t work with/be seen by Alexa without the skill enabled.

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There was an issue at Amazon (not Wyze) not to long ago and most of my Skills disappeared as well. They slowly came back except the Wyze and a couple of others.

@towelkingdom recommended to correct solution. :slight_smile:

Find the Wyze Skill and simply add it back. All of your routines and settings should still be there

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My older type Wyze plug fell offline, just about the time the Alexa skill for Wyze stopped and would not re-enable. Like the rest of us, I sat back and waited and could later re-enable it. My Wyze plug stiil appears offline, but its working. So, I will just let it wait a while, and not do anything to it. I keep some other brand wifi plugs to sub when something/anything acts up. Its like insurance, and when Murphy’s watching for something to go wrong and the Universe says, “uh huh, got you covered”.