WYZE Plugs and Ubiquiti Unifi issues

i have never had auto optimize on. and people here have sent me sets of settings. nothing worked in the long run. i gave up. dont care…they work fine on the LITE…all that matters

OK - its usually something like a PMF setting that needs to be Disabled or high performance. Glad you have it working.


So I think there is something more to this still. I have had 10± wyse plugs on the same AP’s for at least a year now and just a few months ago something changed to make the plugs report “High Latency” and then disconnect. I also think sometimes it is the Wyze firmware as they do go offline and need to be deleted and re-added to the app. this works for 24± hours then they go offline again. I have been running beta firmware on my UDMP etc and have gone back to the released software to test with not much improvement. one thing that keeps me thinking it’s an Unifi thing is that if I break out an OLD Linksys and set it the same the plugs stay connected and working fine… any further thoughts? and data needed?

If UniFi AP - suggest you may have auto update on as some of the firmware doesn’t work well with IoT devices. It wouldn’t necessarily be the software on the UDM, but rather on the APs.

I have no issues with my Wyze plugs or cameras using nanoHD v5.60.23 and UAP-AC-Lite v5.43.56 APs. However I have no wifi6 APs.

I use these settings -
OFF - Any Band steering (including balanced), High Performance (in controller 6.2+ now only in New User under WiFi then SSID then Advanced), Fast Roaming, PMF, Auto Optimize, Radio AI, ATF, RSSI and (on switch) DHCP Snooping.
On - UAPSD, Multicast Enhancement (IGMPv3), allow BSS, all SSID combined i.e. WIFI bands Both and (on switch) IGMP Snooping.
Rates - Push 802 rates on 2G to 6 Mbps and disable the CCK rates and also set 5G rate to 12 Mbps and check the boxes for both bands requiring clients to use (as a min) these higher rates.
Power (Custom) ==> 2G set to 10 dBm and 5G set to 17 dBm for same cell size and good roaming and less retries/latency. (This setting is for when you have multi APs, not just one AP. If you only have one AP, where there is no roaming between APs then for more coverage area - power can be higher - like 2G 5 dBm and 5G 20 dBm.)
DTIM - Set to 3 for 5G and to 1 for 2G SSIDs

Ill nuke my IOT ssid and try again

Soooooo. Interesting things. I removed my IOT SSID and re-added it. same issue of the failing plugs. took the big plunge and hard factory reset ALL my unifi gear including the UDM Pro and set up from scratch. the plugs WORK now. Go figure. all released unifi code. must have been a gremlin or zinc wiskers

Actually, there is a known issue with the current release of firmware for the 2021 plugs. Clearly this thread was created well before this release came out, but figured I would drop this here as an FYI:

Wyze Plug (2021 Version) Firmware (With Key Design) (January 19, 2022)

  • Added Bluetooth firmware logs if the plug has trouble with setup

Note: This firmware is being halted due to an identified issue that causes the plug to go offline often. We have identified the root cause and are working on a firmware release that will fix the problem.

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ahh. I just came back to update people that the problem came back. it takes more time but they still drop. Thanks for the confirmation.

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