Wyze Plug Version 1 problem scheduling

Recently I have found it impossible to schedule a simple on and off on my Version 1 Plugs. I did notice Wyze refined the scheduling on the newest model. My simple scheduling need is on at 12:05 PM and off at 8:30 PM
How can I do that?
As an aside, none of my Version 1 plugs automatically reconnect after a router reboot (Verizon Fios) or power outage. I have to manually unplug and replug to have them reconnect. The new plug version re-connects correctly.
I own 9 version 1 plugs 2 new version plugs, 6 various camera’s, 2 robot vacuum’s, 2 door locks, 4 bulbs

Wyze, don’t leave long time customers with older product out in the cold!!

Have you tried setting up a rule to do what you want? For an on/off situation the settings would be simple.