Wyze Plug v1 works as it should, but no status light at all

I have one Wyze Plug v1 (pre-2021) that is the oddball after setting up a new router and ironing out issues with several other v1 plugs… despite the plug displaying no status light at all, I was able to add it back in the app and get it to actually connect to wifi, So, it’s completely functional, just without the LED.

I’ve tried several factory resets, but the LED just does not light up at all.

So, the question is: should I use it as is, or follow my gut instinct and chuck it? Can the LED be resuscitated?

Nobody likes to wake up on fire or worse yet—dead.

Personally, I don’t think it is a cause for concern.

To be honest, I turn the status light off on my plugs and almost everything I possibly can. I think status lights are annoying (especially at night) and draws attention, which I don’t want.

I assume you already checked the settings and tried toggling the status light setting off and back on?

I don’t think the status light matters. My guess is that the LED used for it is not working., but that shouldn’t really matter IMO. Status lights are not typically wired in a way that makes them integral to the functionality of a device. They’re kind of compartmentalized and separate. So a burned out or broken status light usually has no effect on the functionality of many devices.

If it were me, the status light wouldn’t concern me at all if the plug is otherwise working as expected. Honestly, I wouldn’t even notice it stopped working, and if I did notice, I’d half-celebrate. For me, status lights are only welcome during the setup process and at no other time.