Wyze Plug Says connected but Status light still blinks

Just bought a two pack of the Wyze Plugs. Set one up and the app shows it’s connected but the status light is still blinking and is not turning anything on or off. Is there something I missed?

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Couple of quick thoughts
Did you do the firmware update(s) upon setup?

Have you tried pulling the plug from power for a few moments then plug back in

Took a couple of reboots but I think I got it. Says it’s been trying to do the firmware update for a while now though.

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The mandatory Firmware updates that are forced after the initial install have been problematic for some reason. I have installed 6 plugs recently and quickly learned that they won’t complete if the plug isn’t done w\ setup.

If you can’t get a solid blue light on a power cycle, you may have to reinstall it. Do not complete the firmware update after the install unless you have a solid blue light. It is best to cancel the update then click the off\on button in the app to make sure it is working. Then, with it on and a blue light showing, the update should install. It takes some time but the plug will reset and give you a blue light when done.