Wyze plug time sync

I have multiple Wyze plugs and they are losing time each day. They are now 5 minutes slow. I have removed them from the app and re-added, unplugged them, factory reset. No success. Anyone have any ideas how to re-sync the time from the app to the plugs? Thx.

I am having the same issue on my v2 cams.

If I am not mistaking, there is an option in the camera settings on your phone app to sync time with cameras. Unfortunately, that feature is not available for the smart plugs.

OK WYZE. What is the solution for those of us with the WYZE plugs whose time is off. Mine are now behind their activation time by 15 minutes now.

I was starting to think I was the only one with my plugs time being off.

I have the same problem with multiple WYZE plugs. The time is slowly drifting and the schedules and automations are now a full 16 minutes behind the correct time. What is funny is that they are all exactly wrong by the same amount of time. I have an automation to turn off all the lights at 11 PM, but they all turn off at 11:16 instead. What is even more strange, is that I did not purchase all of my WYZE plugs at the same time. I added two new plugs to my home automation only about 10 weeks ago, and the new plugs are just as slow as the ones I had before. I.e. they seem to have sync’ed up to the same incorrect time as the preexisting plugs.

This is a very aggravating issue. The only “fix” I have so far is to abandon use of the WYZE app and to use the Alexa app instead. I have already done this for my other automations. E.g. I use the Alexa app to turn on the lights since the WYZE app does not keep accurate time.

I am having the same problem. I have 2 Wyze version one plugs. Both are off about 16 minutes. I tried deleting and reinstalling each device. Also tried redoing each scheduling rules and nothing seems to fix the problem. It seems with all of Wyzes new products other things are being ignored. Very frustrating!

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Wyze has seemed to fix the problem. Both of my plugs are working correctly now for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, it stays that way.

You all understand that the schedules run on the Wyze servers, right? Nothing is stored on the plugs so any sort of time issue is with the servers and not the plugs.

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