Time sync for Wyze Plug

I’ve noticed over time that the schedule I have in place for lamps are off now. The Wyze cam allows you to manually sync the time. This would be very helpful to add to the Wyze plug for those of us who use it on schedules to turn on/off lights or other devices. :slightly_smiling_face:

The time as noted on the plug doesn’t have any affect on schedules, to the best of my knowledge. All scheduled rules run from the Wyze servers. Nothing stored on the plugs. As for the cameras, the time sync is mostly for the on screen display that is included on the live view and when video is recorded. Again, any schedules are handled by the Wyze servers.

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as @WildBill stated.


(sorry I had to)

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I’ve noticed these plugs are a bit useless. They have about a 30 minute window that they can turn on, and if you don’t have internet or the wyze servers are down they wont work. Ive asked about this issue for months but nothing seems to be fixed. The data must be sent to wyze first for collection, but I wish they would also let us just use the hardware. TP link casa smart plug allowed me to run a reliable power schedule.

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