Smart Plug Schedule is Late

I have 2 Smart Plugs, with each on its own schedule. One is scheduled to turn on at 7:00 PM and off at 11:00 PM. The other is also scheduled to turn on at 7:00 PM but off at 8:00 PM. Both are consitently 4 minutes slow. They turn on at 7:04 PM and off at 11:04 PM or 8:04 PM respectively. The 2 plugs are in a group, if that makes any difference. Both plugs are at, which appears to be the latest version of the FW. App is V2.20.50 (Android 11).

If anybody knows how to make a 4 minute time correction, I’d be very interested in knowing how to do it.

Hi @dietzgw. There is a pretty good discussion going on about that exact issue here:

Based only on tests and guesses, it seems like it’s caused by server load, I bet if you set it to come on a few minutes earlier or later (not right on the hour), you wouldn’t see that delay.

Thanks. I’ll definitely check out that discussion. Yeah, at first I figured it was server load but it has been this way consistently for several months. I just now got around to complaining about it on this forum… :smiley: Also, if it was server load you’d think that the delay would be variable, but everytime I check it is exactly 4 minutes.

mmm…4 minutes… maybe Wyze recognizes timezones down to the minute, and knows exactly where you are. :stuck_out_tongue:


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