Wyze Plug setup is stuck in wifi step

I’m setting up a new plug and it just doesn’t move after the “connect your phone to wyzesmartplugwifi “

Welcome to the forums! Disable your mobile data and try.

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Already tired :sweat:

Have you tried turning Private Address off on your viewing device?

Go to iOS Settings on your phone/pad > Wi-Fi > tap ios13-info-icon to the right of your AP’s SSID > toggle “Private Address” off

Edit: I think you’ll need to do this for "wyzesmartplugwifi “ also.

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Yes, tried that and still nothing :confused:

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Easy fix: If you are sporting a new phone capable of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, there is your problem. Your phone will use the 5Ghz whenever available and the Wyze app will not recognize the 5Ghz connection (they really need to update their technology).

So, if you can set your phone to connect to a 2.4 Ghz signal the app will work for setting up a new device. If you can temporarily turn off the 5 Ghz signal from your router, that will work too as your phone will be forced to use the 2.4 Ghz signal.

I took the easy way: I got out an old LTE 4G cell phone, downloaded the app to it, signed into the app and used this old phone to setup my smart plugs. This old phone does have an active cell phone plan—we use it as an emergency backup phone in case one of our newer phones are out of service.

actually I have a Pixel 5 connected via 5Ghz. I have had no issues connecting any of my Wyze devices to my network. You do get a prompt from some devices about no internet connection which you need to accept and continue otherwise it will switch back to your regular WiFi. Maybe I am the exception but as long as the device is on the same WiFi as your phone, you should be ok.

@albertoglezroges question on the plug, when you look on the side which plugs into the wall, do you see a Key? These are the new plugs and are supposed to be able to be setup via bluetooth. If so, are you sure your Bluetooth is on?

I have a colleague who had issues with the watch, and he had to clear the cache on the app by going in to the app, tapping on the acocunt tab and the going to app settings and then clear the cache. then reboot the phone and try again. you can also look to see if you have a connection to the Plug in your bluetooth devices. if you do clear the connection and then start the pairing process.

In addition, do you have any other devices you can try when setting up the plug? An iPad maybe.

This was a first generation plug. I was using an iPhone 12. Did all the possible settings as you described. Did clear the cache. Was ready to scrap the Wyze products and buy something else when I decided to try the old phone. I am just glad it worked. I will be very reluctant to buy anymore Wyze products because of this.

My old Wyze plugs (ones without the key) were having issues where they just lose connections. These plugs need to be connected via WiFi and not Bluetooth.

Glad it worked out. I would not be discouraged. I have many Wyze Products now and have been pleased with all of them. Yes, there are some issues, but I have similar issues with non-wyze products as well.

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Thanks for your reply. I am just not real tech savvy although I keep trying, so I look for the easy way out. I avoid using Bluetooth as I don’t think it is very secure. Very security minded as I have had computers invaded with viruses that could not be cleaned–not even the pros could help. I stick to the basics and play it safe–no social media.

I am with you on that. Been in tech for 36 years and have seem a lot of changes. These forums are great source of knowledge and support. I don’t do Social Media as well. I had a FB account which I never use and need to get rid of.

This is a large community and you will get all kinds of support and then ones which will just complain and not offer a solution or help. Don’t be discouraged by that, there are plenty of individuals who are willing to help and lead you in the correct direction. The Mavens and Moderators are very knowledgeable and I would consider them to be more of a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Feel free to reach out to us or me, you can tag us in a question or comment as needed by putting the @ symbol in front of one of our Forum Names (if you were not aware of this). We will then be notified via email and within the forum.

Again, glad it worked out for you.

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Great that the new Plugs can be setup via bluetooth but, if that is true, why can I not see the Plug in the list of possible bluetooth connections on my iPhone? Why can I not connect to the new Plug via bluetooth without giving the Wyze app access to my phone location (a real security breach!) in order to program the necessary WiFi access information into the Plug, name the Plug, etc.?