Wyze Plug Schedules not working

Attempting to enable the Wyze Plug Schedule feature indicates that it needs a firmware update and automatically redirects to update. However when it tries to update it says that it’s fully updated to v1.2.0.93.

I’ve attempted to delete and re-add both devices with the same results. I have several Wyze products and recently ordered 2 Wyze plugs for holiday lights. Both are set up, connected to wifi, updated to firmware v, and functioning normally. At least until you try the schedule feature.

See attached screenshots.

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I am having same issue :frowning:

Welcome to the Wyze community bluewolf815. If you are referring to the “Time of Day” feature, the app update was released ahead of the associated firmware update. This feature is currently undergoing beta firmware testing:

If it’s something else please elaborate and attempt to screenshot. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to post more than one image and video. Also, please state your use-case, as there are many ways to create schedules.

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@bluewolf815 not sure if this helps but I just linked all my plugs to a group called Christmas Lights in Alexa and there is a setting to turn them off at a certain time. I am also able to turn them on by saying “Alexa, Merry Christmas”

To set up a schedule with the plug, you need to set Rules ( I did one for On and another for OFF) Note that you can set up multiple devices using the same rule. Also, Rules for the plug requires an Internet connection to work. Time of Day will allow the rules to run without an Internet connection but is currently not available using firmware v1.2.0.93. I hope this helps.