Wyze plug features, older vs newer

Firmware is up to date on both and I have like 10 indoor plugs. The one missing the “schedule” option is about 3 years old, the newer versions have an option for a schedule for each individual plug. Yes I know how to schedule it otherwise, but it’s not as convenient. I’m assuming the firmware updates just stop at some point? Because my older plugs are on, while the newer plugs that have the schedule option are on
I can’t force a firmware update because it shows they’re up to date. Is that just how it is?

There are three different hardware versions for the Wyze Plug: Original, 2021, and 2022. Each has a different firmware version and variations in capability due to differences in the hardware platform on which they were built. is an Original Wyze Plug. It does not possess onboard scheduling capability and cannot be updated to include the feature. is a 2021 Wyze Plug and does have the onboard schedule capability (as does the 2022).

Here is the comparison of firmware versions for each plug from the Wyze Release Notes & Firmware page


Thank you! I probably saw that information at some point in time and completely forgot it. Since they all look the same, I just assumed they were all the same. I guess since I bought more plugs I was using them more with the traditional timer settings individually and my older plugs were scheduled in groups already.

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