Wyze Plug Review & Setup

Hey everyone!:wave: I just wanted to share that my Wyze Plug Review & Setup video is out on my channel. I’d recommend this video for anyone who is thinking about buying the Wyze Plug or someone who bought it and would like to know some quick tips. I appreciate the love and support as always from this community. Hope you all have a wonderful week and may your homes be Wyze!



My Wyze plug will not connect to a normal 2.4 G Google Home router system.
I am in the same room with it. I have other Wyze products that work on it.

On the official set up instructions Step No. 8 my Android phone on a Samsung j7 via Virgin Mobile I can see the plug listing and it will not pair up. The blue light is flashing. There is the line “On an Android device , accept the pop up that says the plug’s network has no connection. Dismissing or denying it will stop the setup process.”
I do not see any such pop up. It does not go back to the Wyze app.

I have deleted and reloaded the Main Wyze app with auto updates off

Do you have any tips on making this connect up?


I just added two plugs using iPhone X’s. At wifi connection I selected my secure network. Then from the drop-down list I selected the plugs. Each time I did this I got an unsecured network warning. I have no idea how to correct this or if it’s a bogus message. I’ve contacted support.