Wyze Plug Outdoor temp, time, draw controlled on/off

Please consider adding a phone application and temperature sensor in the outdoor Wyze plug to turn on at a certain temperature and off at another temperature. This would be great for well pumps, pipe heat tape under houses, to automatically turn on and off heat lamps or a/c’s for animal houses/coops etc. Now it goes off time control only, I bet adding temperature control would increase sales since I don’t see anyone else that manufacturers one. Wanna bet? :grin:

Here are two:



Thanks, I found those before but those are set temperatures and I can’t find any to turn on at say 45 degrees and off at 55 degrees, I’d like to set my own temperature on and off schedule. If Wyze added it their outdoor WiFi plug, it would solve mine and others needs.

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Controller for heat tape / gutter trace cable - using WYZE outdoor plug.

A large percentage of northern homes in the world have heat tapes to control snow and ice.

The amount of energy that can be saved could pay for the product in a month.

Monitoring with notification when tape dies is critical for certain applications such as a roof drain.

Nothing reasonable like this exists that I can find.

The existing WYZE outdoor plug can already handle the amp load… just add some features or better yet features like the WYZE irrigation controller has…
Note that I’m talking about 120v heat tape, 240v would require adding relay.

Basic features needed…

  • Real time monitor electric draw amps/watts/volts, perhaps graph electric use and annual cost savings.

  • Notify if electric draw drops below a set threshold due to a dead cable, or cable malfunction.

  • Option for ON at xxF/40F and off at xx/50F based on location

  • Option for ON for xx hours beyond temp event threshold.

  • if no Internet connection for xx hours, default to on for safety.

Advanced features possibilities…

  • Like the WYZE irrigation controller, could turn on/off based on actual snowfall or weather forecast.

  • Water sensor in a down spout to keep trace tapes on until dry. - others have this feature.

  • I think most would be ok paying monthly or annual fees for the features, or add to WYZE security monitoring.

Remember to VOTE if you want it.


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