Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Released! - 8/30/21

I am on day 3 of having mine plugged in and still no update and pretty much as expected no reply from Wyze. Support will be their downfall.

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Part of the clue might be that your outdoor plug shipped with a different firmware version than mine. Hope your issue gets resolved. My experience has shown a call to Wyze support is better than an email or bot chat.


Thanks. I have 6 Wyze cams, doorbell, vacuum, scale, door lock, bulbs and sensors. The manufacturing part is first class. The software is often shaky and my experience with their support is dismal.

I literally just got this plug. Plan was to control outdoor lighting for a pergola. I’ve never gotten it out of my house since the update issue was out of the box and I was doing the initial install from inside. The Time of Day feature is supposed to work on a schedule I can set that will work even if the plug has no wifi signal when put in place.

It is sad to me that Wyze has such potential but now has a reputation all over the internet for not providing customer support.

Thanks for your email and update.


Hi , I just got mine and installed yesterday with same issue as you with firmware say up to date but its not the latest firmware Wyze released. I need to get the local schedule tab activated. I will try to factory reset again.

Same here! Shows firmware out of box and claims up to date but Time of Day function says update to use. Anyone find a manual way to update these? Anyone talk to support for a fix? I am going to open a ticket and try to get an answer.

Horrible response from support, it is one of those quick cut and paste emails where they demonstrate zero acknowledgement of the actual issue. IF firmware updating is not working, how can a firmware update solve the problem? UGH! See email from a “wizard.”

Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards team. My name is Jayward and I’m happy to help!

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with the firmware updating. Here are a few steps to try to see if we can correct the behavior:

Make sure your outdoor plug is connected to power.

Make sure it’s connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, and it’s working properly.

With your phone or tablet connected to the same WiFi network as the outdoor plug, try to use the Internet.

If you cannot use the Internet, your WiFi may be offline or weak. Try moving the outdoor plug closer to your router, or restart your router.

Check that your Internet connection is stable during the firmware update.

If the outdoor plug is offline after the firmware update, reset the plug.

Long-press one of the power buttons for 5 seconds. Then retry the Wyze Plug Outdoor Setup.

If the steps above did not work, no worries. We will be releasing a new firmware update next week and it should fix your issue. Once the new firmware version is available please update your plugs firmware.

Thank you for being part of Wyze,

Kind regards,
Jayward | Wyze Wizard

I believe all you need is Outdoor Plug production firmware to see the new Time of Day feature, but I’m thinking production firmware updates are not working on the Outdoor Plug at the moment? At least they aren’t on my Plug. I tried running that up the chain.

In the meantime, if you can’t get a normal update to, are you familiar with how to get Beta firmware? Beta firmware is not for everyone, as it is being tested for bugs, and is not expected to be bug-free.

The process is go to the Account tab > About > Beta Program > Edit > add “Wyze Plug Outdoor”, then Save.

Now go back to your Outdoor Plug, and it should offer you an update to Beta firmware

But I’d just use .216 if you can get it.

BUT – You don’t need any new firmware to use schedules. The Plugs have always had schedules using Rules. The new Time of Day feature is just a way to keep schedules going when the Plug loses access to the Internet.

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I got same reply with my ticket. I already tried all of those steps before I even contacted them. I definitely made sure my phone was on same wifi network for setup due to past experiences with my other Wyze product. So hopefully new firmware they say will be out next week will work in time for my Xmas lights.

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That’s a good suggestion if it comes to not having another choice. I will wait a few days to see if they have the firmware system suspended currently. It would be nice if support could tell us that instead the BS sent out.

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Unfortunately, most of the time Wyze sees issues thru user reports, which we then attempt to filter upwards. When Engineering confirms (difficult on nights & weekends), the problem is often solved before Support knows there was an issue. :slight_smile:

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I bought several outdoor plugs and used some at my house for various things with schedules and no problems. Went to my mother-in-law’s house today to setup her Christmas lights and used one for those and dang, couldn’t set the schedules because it said I needed to update. But when I tried to update it said I was all set and no version change. Like mentioned here, my first ones have the correct firmware and this one didn’t. I’m already beta testing other products so followed the tip here and fixed it. Thanks community for always coming through with the answer.

Remember the Plugs have always had schedules using Rules. This hasn’t changed. The new Time of Day feature is just a way to keep schedules going when your Plug loses access to the Internet. It is not used to give you schedules. For that, just set a Rule with a start and a stop time.

I downloaded the beta and at least now the time of day feature opens up to get configed. I am about to deploy it in my backyard to see if it works with little or no wifi signal.

It’s only slightly confusing! Everything else I use if I see a link for Schedules, that’s where I go for scheduling. I went ahead and set them up but didn’t remove the “Local Schedules”. My mother-in-law does have a habit of turning off the WiFi because she thinks it’s wasting electricity. But then she complains that she can’t watch TV and or course we can’t control her garage door or see her in the cameras.

I fully agree, lol. Wyze has been migrating to the more powerful Rules instead of local schedules for awhile now, but They still leave Schedule menu items in place on products that had them.

Take the V2 & V3 fixed-view cameras. On the V3 they never created a Schedules menu item because they wanted you to use Rules. But they left the Schedules menu item on the V2 that already had it. There is really no difference between how the 2 cameras schedule, so that’s just confusing.

Now enter the new “Time of Day” feature. That’s there to bring schedules from the cloud (Rules) to the local device. Cool. But did the V2 fixed-view camera change? No. So does the V2 Schedules menu item bring the schedule from the cloud to the V2 like it does on the Plugs? No. So definitely confusing, lol.

I would only set up one of the other. You will certainly forget you set up the other side and then later wonder why changing one doesn’t change the schedule. So again, confusing, lol.

Now that they have a local Schedules item on the Plugs I’d just stop using the Rules for schedules on those devices. Note that only applies on the 2021 and Outdoor Plugs ATM, when you can get the firmware.

Until you get the firmware, use scheduled Rules.

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Questions for those who has the local schedule working. From my reading that option allow it to schedule locally if you don’t have wifi signal after setup. So it will work without having rules setup.

I was wondering that myself. I want to set one up at the house and then use it in a remote location where I don’t have any wifi. I need to order more of them as I already used up all the ones I got before.

I just went to do a bulk update of various devices and all the outdoor plugs have the same name. I can’t figure out how to rename the plug unit, only the individual sockets.

Anyone who couldn’t update to Outdoor Plug production firmware try again. I think the issue has been fixed. :slight_smile:

This is correct. Once you program Local Schedules (Time of Day or Brightness) they will run on their own without Rules and without WiFi connection.

The AWS outage prompted me to set up my indoor and outdoor plugs with Local Schedules and they’ve been working great for a week now. When my ISP is down, everything functions as normal.

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