Wyze Plug LAN API?

I am an IIoT developer and love Wyze products for home use, especially since they allowed there cams to have RTSP streams (eagerly awaiting that for my v3 cams) that allows me to run a lot of my custom solutions with wyze equipment in my own home. I also use the Wyze app but enjoy having a fallback method of using my home in times of ISP outages or heightened cybersecurity threat times. I was wondering if the outlets had anything exposed like an API to trigger on the LAN sort of like how the cams can have RTSP. ITs nice to have a fallback system running on a docker image on a server (I’ve had my ISP go out and lost control of blackout curtains through IFTTT) and these outlets could greatly benefit from that, same way these outlets benefit with a manual over ride, this is just one step further a sort of manual lan override

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