Wyze Plug has a mind of it's own

I installed this last week before leaving for a few days. At first it seemed to work ok, then I noticed (when I returned) that it was not following my schedule - which was a simple, once a day schedule. Instead it was going on and off at strange, random times. I do not have vacation mode set.
I cancelled the scheduled and POOF it still does it’s weirdness. On and off at unpredictable times. All day long. What is going on and how do I clear it and get it to work rationally??

Do you have a local schedule, in the devices settings > Schedules?


Also you can check the rules history in account > rules

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Unlikely but easy troubleshooting: Check your plugs have the latest firmware installed :slight_smile:

  1. I have the latest firmware - I updated it when I installed the plug last week. It is still the latest.
  2. I had a schedule set, 6PM - 9PM every day. But it seemed to do it at odd times. After Monday 5/30, I cancelled the rules (after it came on for an hour Tuesday AM 5/21) and they have been gone every since but the plug still comes on and off.
  3. I checked the history and it shows that through 5/30 it went on and off according to schedule - BUT IT DIDN’T and it came on other times.

What else?

You should probably wait for more experienced advice but also, I’d be too impatient too wait, so I’d probably just do a reset and hope it stopped the madness (fully resetting the device, removing it from the app and then going through the setup process again).

If that didn’t fix it I’d give up and get with support team to replace it because I wouldn’t trust the dang thing after that… (i.e. I would suspect the internal clock it’s using is somehow defective based on past ‘random on/off’ experiences and this is going to be an ongoing problem).

The above responses have been great advice.

I’d consider deleting it from the app and performing a factory reset and setting it back up from scratch. This should remove any rogue rules or settings contributing to this:

If you’re still having problems, contact support:


OK I will do that tomorrow. As I have been sitting here for the past 2 hours it has turned on and off, all by itself, without any schedule being set!

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