Wyze plug schedule not working

My Wyze plug is scheduled to turn on and off at certain times. It did fine for awhile and now it just seems to turn on and off randomly. This is annoying, especially when it turns on bedroom lamp in the middle of the night!!

Can’t help but that’s one of a couple of reasons all my (former) Wyze plugs are now in a landfill/recycling center somewhere.

Is vacation mode on? What does the rule history show?

Mine is doing that now (has for some time). Very unreliable schedule on a couple items all in close Wifi range (1 wall and wood frame house no RF between them). It did work when I first got them. My back porch and street light are wacked. I repair them and no change. I bought two more to swap and see it that fixes it (when I have time). I want to get a couple dual plugs as well. It has stopped me from buying the more expensive items, door lock, door cam and thermostat.