Wyze Plug goes offline alot

Long thread over in Beta

Wyze also acknowledges

It always happens to me, once every few eeeks or so. It is so annoying!, :unamused:

Same as in other forum – I’ve submitted tons of logs and all we get is radio silence

Done with Wyze plugs (at a minimum)

It is interesting that my Wyze Plug shows offline, but the lamps connected to them continue to come on and turn off per the schedules I set up for both of them. What is frustrating is that I cannot use the app to turn on/off the lamps if they are offline. Also, I can’t just force a restart to reset them, but have to remove the devise and then re-add it, only to have them go offline in a matter of days. I love the idea, but something is just not right. I really would like to get this resolved because I feel this is a part of my home security and when I can use the app for operating the plugs, then it makes me want to go back to the old Intermatic!

Seems like there is a beta being tested now.
I am not part of the official Wyze Beta testing program, although I feel sometimes like I am?

Hopefully a fix for this problem will be coming soon, because I am not using any of the 4 I bought.

Didn’t fix the problem. Mine still go offline intermittently.

This problems is driving me crazy! I bought a 4 pack of the latest after having years of trouble free service from the original v1 and this problem where the plugs seem to loose their configuration is nuts. I have had a v1 loose it’s configuration but rarely however the 4 v2 plugs are failing quite often. I keep mine on their own isolated network that is pretty locked down. Do we know that someone is not doing something malicious and knocking them off-line?

I keep my network pretty locked down so I doubt it but it I recently read how it took Wyze years to patch a big security vulnerability in the cameras that was disclosed to them.

Unless someone is logged into your network, this is highly unlikely, especially considering how wide spread it is. The plugs are not accessible from outside except via the Wyze app, unless you’ve setup port forwarding for some reason.

Thanks this did help. A plug will sometimes go offline and need to be reset but it’s not as bad as it was before. It’s crazy how the only decent fix has to come from a customer on the forum and the Wyze team can’t get it together well enough to provide decent support. So thank you.

I’ll never buy anything from Wyze again though. What garbage.

Is there an answer to this problem yet?

Mine have stayed online since was installed

Mine show up to date running version 1.20.179. Mine still go offline

I’ve been having this same problem with my old Wyze Plug with firmware When it first started happening several weeks ago, I initially just deleted the plug and set it up again with the same name. However after the third time in about a week that I had to go through the setup, I just replaced the plug I was using with another one that was still in the original box. It also just worked for a few days before it went off-line and I had to go through the setup process again.

I did force my router to give it a manually specified IP address in case it might have gotten confused when the router assigned it to different address, but that didn’t seem to help. It is now offline again after working only a couple days.

I used to think your products were very good values, but if they stop working, then I’m wondering if I should start looking for some other source for IOT decides.

Still waiting, hoping that is released so I can try it out, My V2 plugs go off-line a lot.

All the time. I have two indoor plugs and one outdoor plug and they both drop offline. I am very frustrated with Wyze products. They keep coming out with new products before they have even fixed the bugs in t heir existing products. People spend money on their products and they get ripped off by inferior products.

Just released a potential to Public Beta Testing:

If all goes well for beta testers it will hopefully be pushed out to production firmware soon.