2.30 app RC, Wyze Cam v3 & Plug(2021) firmware Beta Test 4/6/2022

2.30 Release Candidate Beta


  • Android: 2.30.0.b126

  • iOS: 2.30.0(7)


  • Fixed the crash issue when the video is shared/downloaded locally on the video playback page (Android)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the updated version of Wyze Light Strip Pro from being detected after joining the beta program (iOS)

  • Bug fixes

Android Testers: Due to app review, app upgrades may not be available until tomorrow

Wyze Cam v3 Beta:



  • Fixed a bug that caused live stream image issues that looked like blinking

Wyze Plug (2021) Beta



  • Improved network stability issues and overall connectivity performance

  • Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Plug (2021) to go offline regularly

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from version numbers to enhance search clarity.


Beta test plugs, cameras, Android and iOS devices have updated without issue.
Will provide any items identified.

Thank you

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This is still an issue with this beta release

Missing Cooldown Options for the WCO V1 and V2 on iOS

Unable to select less than one minute cool down on iOS v2.29.0 (a25) on the WCO V1 and now V2.
iOS: 2.30.0(7)

Android has times less than 1 minute all the way down to no cool down

Android: 2.30.0.b126 has the correct options


I have made my review before this post.

Action rules are missing from the Pan Cam V2 in both versions. This was in the last Wyze App versions as well. Identified by @runnerxj

This is a rule I set where v3s and Pan Cam V2s trigger the siren

These are the only options I get for the Pan Cam V2s now.

Pan Cam V2 FW
iOS Ver 2.30.0(7)
Android Ver 2.30.0.b126

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My plugs have been flashing since February but giving this firmware a chance. They are now back online… I will report how it goes overnight and the days ahead.

“Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Plug (2021) to go offline regularl”


Thank you for the quick fix! :+1: Applied to 14 v3 cams and looking good so far this evening. Will keep an eye this and also Plug 2021s.



I received the update yesterday, the iOS worked fine while loading. Android Pixel 6 requires 2 attempts to load the app. I tap in the App, it starts displays the wyze logo and the closes. I tap on the app again and it loads. I have provided a log file of this, log image below and a video of what I am experiencing.

  • Android Pixel 6 with Android 12 on it
  • Android App Version: 2.30.0.b126

Log Number:

Video of the issue

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I’m seeing the same on all Android phones regardless of OS version. I am not seeing this problem on Android tablets. Don’t have time to submit a log, but will get 'er done later and post a log ID.

I think Wyze rolled the Android App back. I just did an update of my apps on the Google Store and it replaced the Wyze app with So my Pixel 6 is running this version and my Pixel 5 is running the 2.30 version. :slight_smile:

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Strange… Play Store isn’t rolling beta 2.30.0.(b126) app back on any of my Android devices. :thinking: I can sideload the old beta version back if necessary, but I can live with this version. :+1:.

Updated 5 v3 with no issues.

Been running 183 on 4 plugs without issue for a few days.

I think if everyone goes a week without issue then we should be good because blinkers / offline is rampant on released firmware.

Andy, I have a plug that’s offline running the beta.

How would you like me to proceed?

It was offline… Came back on it’s own.

That’s positive because I have crappy internet, WiFi is good, but actual access to the net can drop for 5 to 20 seconds sometimes.

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I’m showing is the available for the plug… but it will not install… I’m on Android latest beta…

Same here.

Lost 1 of 4 plugs. Internet was flaky. On beta 183

Slow blinker didn’t come back so pulled and placed back and came online almost immediately.

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I’m not 100% clear on the beta policies. Besides reporting here, do I need to report directly to support or just hold tight? Do you know?

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