Wyze Plug goes offline alot

I have purchased 2 sets of the indoor plugs and an outdoor plug within the last 6 months. Two of four indoor plugs go offline once every week to two weeks. One of them will reconnect if I simply remove it from the outlet and plug it back in. The other has to be setup on my WiFi network again using Bluetooth pairing. I’ve noticed that particular plug gets very warm to the touch when it looses its mind. Not hot by any means, but very warm.

The other 2 indoor plugs and the outdoor plug are rock solid with zero issues. Everything is connected to the same SSID and has at least 2 bars of signal strength.

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There are some serious bugs with plugs and I’m even running beta firmware in hopes it will fix it.

Hi Jason- I’m new here so I’m not familiar with how this all works, but is there typically any kind of corporate communication or protocol when there’s a widely acknowledged and clearly identifiable issue with a particular Wyze device? What kind of critical mass is required before some kind of recall program is considered? I would think generating logs and troubleshooting all these devices with individual customers would create a greater support cost than just returning the faulty items or escalating the repair with dev teams.
Thanks in advance for your response and for your presence on this forum. I’m sure it isn’t always easy or rewarding so it’s appreciated!

Keep us posted on your observations and progress!

Understood you on that!

I am a temporary Wyze employee, I am normally a moderator here but was hired to cover for Gwendolyn who is the Wyze employee that mainly covers the forum. So I do not know the answers about what is required prior to a recall and things of that nature. I can say they are aware of this issue happening to the CFH plugs, these are the newer ones that the model number ends in ‘CFH’. They do believe this issue is fixed and I have been working on having people verify and trying to get logs if the issue is still happening. If you are having this issue can you completely delete the plug from the app then set it up like new again. Next make sure the firmware is up to date (as of this post If it drops offline again please submit a log from the app (go into the plug that is offline, settings, Wyze support, submit a log) and post the log number here and I can get it to the team.


Thanks - logs 457829 and 457830 (one for each plug) has been submitted now. Both plugs are on

Did you delete them from the app and set them up again?

I was able to do that with 457830. That dropped, we set it back up and it dropped again about two days later. I was not able to re-set up 457829 since it’s remote. Thank you for looking into this!

Not a problem, I have a plug that does it also so I have been giving them my logs but mine has not done it the last few days

Similar/same issue – 2 older plugs are fine (stay connected) EXCEPT they do not have Time of Day scheduling and indicate they are current on firmware (v1 I’m guessing)
2 newer plugs - firmware install was a nightmare, finally took, now won’t stay connected for more than a day or so
Plugs are on the same network in the same room … same same same

The older plugs do not have Time of Day available to them

If you could, if they are offline now, delete them from the app and set them up again, if they then disconnect again send a log through the plugs settings page and Wyze support and post the log number here

I will be trying the Kasa plugs on Amazon for replacements of the Wyze V2 plugs.

Right now Amazon has a sale of 2 for 17.99 and $2 coupon can be applied at checkout.

Smaller form factor but has a feature that I’ve ask Wyze to do but they argued it down;

a manual on/off on the plug itself. Don’t have to get my phone, access app to turn off.

And if phone is upstairs…

Deleted and reset up again yesterday. Still went offline again after a router reboot. I set them up with DHCP reservation this morning. Still had one that couldn’t recover without a power reboot so submitted a log # 460168

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I use Globe plugs I bought for less than $4 each on Black Friday several years ago. I have given several away. All positive experiences and they seem to work (timed on/off events) even if there is an Internet outage.
OH, and you do not need Android 7+ to run their app!

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Deleted and re-added after posting, also assigned static addresses, so far staying connected. No load on them yet, will try that next and monitor. THANKS


Thanks for the tip and the heads up. Congrats on your temp gig with WYZE. Not sure if it’s required, but I’m re-adding mine with a completely new name. I’m also not using a space in the name to see if that makes a difference. Personally, I will not consider this fixed until I have at least two weeks under my belt without an issue.

For the record, I’ve never had any rules tied to any of my plugs.

You are more forgiving than me, I would like to see a month, my v1 plugs never drop off, I had another v2 drop off today. In my instance it seems to always be the same one so I am going to try swapping two and see if location is having any affect on it

Good luck with that. I’ve been physically relocating a few of them for a while now. Since that was ineffective, I’m hopeful the delete from app and then re-add with a new name does the trick!

Time tells all.

I’m trying to triage these plugs out onto things that are of the most minor inconvenience. At this point… I’m frankly trying to remember of another IOT device I have purchased in the last 5 years less reliable.