Wyze Plug emitting electrical sparks randomly! Model WLPP1CFH

One night I woke up to the wyze plug by my bedside sparking randomly. Fortunately, I was in the home 3 feet away when it happened. It was so bright that it woke me up. Not certain, I laid in bed a while to watch and see if it happened again. It did. it was so bright it was like someone was using a flash camera in my bedroom. I shot up and grabbed the fire extinguisher. I waited for it to happen again, and it did a 3rd time, this time I was wide awake. I ran to the power panel, killed the power, got an oven mitt, and pulled it from my outlet. My neighbor Dan is an electrician. I invited him over to inspect the outlet. We took it apart, and determined it was not the outlet, it was the Wyze Plug. I immediately removed all 8 plugs from my houses, and have slowly been replacing them with Wyze Bulbs everywhere. I have not removed the wyze outdoor outlet, as I have not seen a problem with it.

My neighbor Dan and I could not figure out how to open up the Wyze plug to see why it was happening. We threw that one away, but I have the rest here on my desk, and will likely throw them away too.

I am fortunate the outlet was in a cinder-block wall no where near the wood desk or curtains or closer to my bed and sheets. The cinder block and plaster walls don’t catch fire too easily.

I love wyze. Early adopter. Huge fan. I own 3 houses and within them use Plugs (8), Cam OG (4), Cam v3 (5), Pan & Scan v2 (4), Pan & Scan v1 (6), Outdoor v1 (4), Outdoor base v1 (2), Solar Panel (2), Locks (3), Lock Keypads (3), Lock Gateways (3), Scales (2), Handheld Vacuum (2), Floor vacuum (1), Watch 47 (2), Color bulbs (8), white bulbs (12), Color LED strip (5). I just will not use these plugs any longer. Too risky for me. Plus I really enjoy the color bulbs. I really only had these plugs because I already had LED bulbs in the lights these were controlling, they just were not smart bulbs. I also had a few other lamps that didn’t have bulbs in them - they had the small LED array things with no interchangable parts. The plugs allowed me to turn them on and off from across the room (or another country) without getting up. I will replace those few lamps with newer ones that take Wyze color bulbs.

Who knows - maybe Wyze will reach out and offer me an exchange - my plugs for new bulbs? One can wish, right?

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Yikes, that’s not good! Glad you were able to catch it before it started a fire.

What item did you have plugged into the plug?

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I would contact support as they would probably want to get the plug to see what was happening. There contact information is as follows:




Thanks I will when I return from overseas trip.

I am so sorry this happened and glad everything is ok. We definitely want to get this unit back to see what went wrong. When you are back and able to contact support please let me know the ticket number so I can make sure you get it replaced and we get that unit back.


I definitely have the device and I’m happy to send it to you. I thought I threw it away, but I found it on the shelf in my closet. When I get back in the country, I will ship it along with the other 10 I have back to you for research. I I would be happy to exchange them for color bulbs or camera OG’s or something.

Hello @WyzeJasonJ - I have the one that was shooting sparks plus 9 others I’d like to return, for a total of 10 plugs. Please tell me how to get the process started. All were on different orders. Support bot just sends me to a type in your email and an order number. Some were bought at Home Depot, others at Best Buy, some Amazon, some you directly.

Hi Jason. Log ID is 961298. Need to return all 10 to you ASAP, please.

calling into the (206) 339-9646 number now - hoping to get RMA information - guess the support number / log ID is supposed to be 7 digits, so creating a new ticket.

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Support ticket numbers and app logs are two completely different things.

Ticket numbers are started and associate with your contact with Support. This is to track your issue for handling and followup.

App log numbers is the number that is associated the log file that your app submits and uploads to the Wyze servers. This sits there in this drop box of sorts until you use the app log number and tell Support the app log number so we t can then be associated with your support ticket. Support doesn’t decode the logs, they submit and forward on to the devs and engineers for processing.


Wanted to share that after originally bringing this up, I now have an RMA tag and UPS return label from Wyze. Working with email support has been very, very slow. Initial response time was a few days, then every 24 hours I’d see a response in email with very basic stuff, and eventually - 6 weeks later - I now have that label to return the wyze plugs. To be fair I believe that I originally contacted support 14 days ago, but I assumed that it would have been handled much faster. Oh well - progress is appreciated.