Smart plug

One of the lights attached to a Smart plug that is controlled by the same Rule as several other Smart plug / light combinations has a strange thing happening.

It is following the rule ON and OFF schedule just fine but, during the OFF time it flashes VERY quickly one time then goes back to OFF mode. This seems to be happening only 1 time per day but I’m not sure because I’m not always in that room. Also, it does not show up in the History. Any ideas what’s causing this ?..tlhutch4

Is the bulb fluorescent/CFL ? It’s kind of common for them.

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For troubleshooting you may want to mix and match plugs for some cycles of rules or on/offs to other similar style and type lights and see If the issue stays at that initial light, or follows the plug.

incandescent like many of my bulbs

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Well then that is not good. :frowning:

BLUF: Check to see if there is a loss in power to the receptacle the Wyze Plug is plugged into. They WILL spike power instantaneously when repowered.

I have found that when my Wyze Plugs are off and then power to that plug is removed (either by unplugging it while off or cutting the power to the receptacle it is plugged into), when the power to the Wyze Plug is restored, there is an instantaneous and very momentary supply of power to the device plugged into the Wyze Plug.

For whatever reason, when power is restored, before the plug can startup it’s network login routine and the blue light starts to flash, there is an instant that the plug doesn’t remember that it was off.

I get this result twice a day on two Wyze plugs connected by rules to react when any door sensor is opened. I have an indoor and outdoor siren plugged into each. When the system off, the power is cut to the Wyze Plug which is in the off state at the time. When I arm the sirens by restoring the power to the plugs, which were in the off state when power was removed, both sirens very loudly chirp instantaneously then stop.

I also got this result this weekend when I was running some electrical wire thru the attic for some floodlights I installed. I plugged the power line into a Wyze plug and was going to wire the other end to the light. I had taped the cut wire ends together to pull them thru the rafters to the floodlight junction box. Not wanting to return to where it was plugged in, and knowing the plug was in the off state when I pulled it from the plug, I made the very rookie mistake if not remembering this initial power spike when first plugged in. Sparks for sure!

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